Coronado State Park

106 Monument Road
Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004 /+1 505 980 8256

Named after the conquistador they believed passed through here looking for the 7 golden cities of Cibola, this 210 acre park is also home to the pueblo ruins of Kuana. The reconstructed kiva, visitor center, and interpretive trail

1on1 Design Inc

830 Camino Vista Rio
Bernalillo , New Mexico 87004-6098 / 505-867-6431

Description Category: Web Design Database Design Internet Consulting. 1on1 Design Inc is a quality source of laughter and enjoyment in New Mexico.

Bernalillo - Coronado Campground (formerly Coronado State Park)

Coronado Campground
106 Kuaua Road, Bernalillo, NM 87004-0853, United States

Coronado Campground is conveniently located on Highway 550, just west of Bernalillo along the Rio Grande. A visit to Coronado Campground offers more than a place to set up camp or enjoy a picnic. Relax and take in an unobstructed view of the beautiful Sandia mountains to the east. Experience the quiet mystique of the Rio Grande as it flows gently through the valley below. Enjoy New Mexico's spectacular sunrises, and witness the Sandia's' reflecting light from the setting sun. Tour the adjacent Coronado State Monument with its Indian artifacts and partially restored adobe patio ruins. All this and more awaits those who stop at Coronado campground, located only 15 miles north of Albuquerque on the Rio Grande in Bernalillo.

Main Area Daily Fees

* Please note new rates effective 5-1-2008 *

Developed RV Sites (1-6) (with water & 50 amp. electric) ................ $22.00
Developed RV Site (with water & 20/30 amp. electric) ..................... $20.00
Developed RV Site (with 20/30 amp. electric ONLY) (A, B, C, D) ........ $18.00
* All electric sites' fees during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta double nightly *
** Ask about our weekly and monthly rates. **
Dump Station use ONLY ....................................................... $ 8.00
Shower use ONLY (each) ...................................................... $ 4.00
Main Area Group Shelter (by reservation ONLY) ....................... $42.00
Refundable Deposit ............................................................. $20.00
** May also reserve up to four (4) adjacent sites. **

North Remote Area Daily Fees

* Fires in approved grills only *

Developed Site ( NO water or electric) .................................... $14.00
** All shelters are $28.00 per day during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Tent Camping (per tent) ...................................................... $14.00
** All tent camping is $14.00 per day during the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
Shower use ONLY (each) ..................................................... $ 4.00
Day Use (car) 9 AM - 5 PM.................................................... $8.00
Day Use or Overnight Dry Lot Parking (buses).......................... $20.00
Overnight Dry Lot Parking (car) ............................................. $14.00
Overnight Dry Lot Parking (RV)............................................. $14.00
North Remote Area Group Shelter (by Reservation ONLY).......... $42.00
Refundable Deposit............................................................. $20.00

If office is closed, check with camp host at site #1
off road traffic is not permitted
quiet time 10:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M.
checkout time 12:00 noon
$5.00 field collection fee
vehicles towed at owner's expense
Coronado campground is not responsible for personal property.
Coronado campground is managed & policed by the Town of Bernalillo & is subject to the laws and statutes of such.
Police 867-2304 Emergency 911

Rio Rancho Skatepark, Rio Rancho New Mexico

Here's what the Skatewave website had to say about their little park here: "World-renowned skateboarder Andy Macdonald was on hand to open Rio Rancho's second and third public Skatewave skatepark.

Hoot's Ultimate Party Zone

3501 Vista Alameda NE Albuquerque NM 87113/ +1 505 922 6178


  1. How should I dress for the activities at HOOT”S? Our 7,000 square foot warehouse structure is climate-controlled so you should be comfortable, however your party will be as active as you like to make it so dress in casual and comfortable clothing, but remember to WEAR SOCKS! You'll be sliding, jumping, bouncing, and having a lot of fun, so dress accordingly.

2. So what are some of the differences I will see at HOOT’S? First, you'll have fun here because you'll only have your guests in the play arena (applicable for private parties only) and in your party room. No big kids squashing your small kids and no strangers will be in your play area-only your invited guests! So you can relax and enjoy watching your children have fun instead of worrying about what some stranger is going to do next. Second, our customers continue to tell us that Hoot’s is friendliest, brighter, and cleaner than competing venues. We work hard to keep it that way including the performance of perpetual preventive maintenance and safety inspections. Third, adults like it because we have commercial grade heavy duty inflatables that permit Moms and Dads to safely play on our inflatables with their children. Lastly, our ceiling height is much higher, permitting us to provide to you a 20' tall slide, along with other items like a 40' obstacle course, oversized jumping, climbing inflatable with many obstacles and the largest soft play structure in the city. All of the foregoing reasons, and more, result in added value you receive as our valued customer at Hoot’s.

3. How does your party differ from a moonwalk in my back yard? For about the same price as getting one large inflatable dropped off in your yard, you get a whole arena full of clean huge inflatables and your own private party room at Hoot’s. If it rains the day of your special event, we'll be enjoying ourselves in the nice safe arena here at Hoot’s, so with a party here, you can plan with confidence come rain or shine. Our inflatables are never used outside, so you can count on a consistently clean bright fresh play area. You can also schedule to play after dark in our well-lit arena, and when the party is over, we do all of the clean up!

4. Can I bring more than the 25 kids that I scheduled to bring? Yes! Although our huge jump arenas will hold many more than 25 kids, unless you make prior arrangements, your private party room will be configured with seating for a maximum of 30, and standing room or limited seating for adults, so if you go over that, it may become too crowded or uncomfortable. We can accommodate more, we just need advance notice. In order to ensure you have a high quality outcome, we schedule parties for 25 kids and a few adults. Unlike some facilities, we do not charge for adults, siblings, or children under two years of age. However, if you have over the planned 25 kids, you will be subject to a $10/kid upcharge for the excess number. REMEMBER: The Birthday child is always FREE!

5. I don't think I have but about 10 kids to invite, can I get something less expensive? Hoot’s does not charge on a per head basis, we're renting your exclusive private use of the facility for a 2 hour party. However, we do have a limited number of times available for small group parties (15 or less children) that are available for a reduced charge. Don't be fooled by competitors who might reel you in with "low" prices for small groups. You get what you pay for, and you'll be playing on a community play ground with all the potential problems that come with it.

6. Are streamers or confetti permitted in the party rooms? We clean up all the party mess, and we want you to have a good time, but please do not bring piñatas, silly string, thumbtacks, streamers, or confetti, as an excessive mess or repair may result in extra charges.

7. Do you have balloons? Yes we do! Balloons are available for only $12 per dozen, or 26 for $20. We recommend 26/$20 so each child can take one home at the end of the party.

8. Can you help me with goodie bags? You're welcome to bring your own goodie bags or we can conveniently supply you goodie bags. Each bag typically has 7-9 items, subject to item availability, as contents do change slightly from time to time. These goodie bags would cost you more than double if bought retail (and you'd have difficulty finding enough of each item) and they're already assembled and waiting in your party room upon your request for $2.95 each.

9. Can I bring my own food? Some types of outside food and drink are allowed with a fee, but you must call us to get the approved list of food prior to your party. Ice cream and drinks must be purchased through Hoots. Click here for more about our party extras.

10. Can we bring alcoholic beverages for the adults attending the party? No. As this is predominately a children's party facility we do not permit alcoholic beverages in the facility.

11. Who serves the food that we order? We assist with the serving, and we do all the clean up. For your cake, please bring matches and candles, along with a cake server. For the cake, food, and drinks, we provide all the necessary ice, cups, plates, napkins, utensils, all included in your basic party fee!

12. When do I order the pizza, balloons, and goodie bags for our party? We will take your order for all of the extras when you arrive to insure you are NOT charged for someone that has RSVPd and didn’t show up.

13. Why do you recommend that our guest arrive 15 minutes prior to our start time for our party? Obviously, everybody will not arrive at the exact start time, so we plan to get everybody prepared a little ahead of time by giving a very short safety briefing on our equipment and policies during this time so you can plan to have fun immediately upon your start time.

14. Can I sign one waiver for my immediate family? Yes, all family members can be on the same waiver. Additional waivers are available for download on our website by clicking here: release.pdf. Please bring a signed waiver and present it upon check in.

15. What is the cancellation policy for Hoot’s? A $75 deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your party and is fully refundable provided you request a cancellation more than 30 days prior to your party. Within 30 days prior to your scheduled party, the deposit will become non refundable, but will may be used as a credit for up to 90 days for a rebooked party, subject to schedule availability.

16. If some of my guests don't show up, can I get a refund of the party's costs? We don't charge for adults or children under two years of age. However,If you have more guests over the original planned number, you will be subject to a $10 charge per child, but there will be no adjustment for "no shows".

17. For our child's birthday party, can adults also participate on the inflatable structures? Yes, Yes and YES! At HOOT”S we encourage adults to supervise and play with their children, space and safety rules permitting. Our inflatables are not the small theme oriented type that are limited to small children. Our commercial grade inflatables have internal baffles, heavy gauge vinyl construction, and high static air pressure with back flow protection to provide you a safe enjoyable play structure.

18. Is New Mexico Sales Tax charged at Hoots? Yes. In accordance with New Mexico law, we must charge the applicable sales tax on all items.

19. Do you have Internet WiFi available? Yes, we have both WiFi for your computer, and additional desktop computers available free of charge. In our lounge area we have all the best in Directv high definition sports and premium channel programming for your viewing, and a selection of reading materials.Parents lounge is for ages 16 and older and 2 and younger.

Perry Meadows Haunt

Perry Meadows Haunt Rio Rancho , New Mexico / 916 Perry Meadows
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144

Hours: Halloween and weekend

Rio Rancho's largest FREE haunt with 2 complete attractions! Complete walk thru haunt that will make even the bravest scream and yell in terror.

Cliff's Amusement park

4800 Osuna Rd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109-2314 / +1 505 881 7807

Price/Admission: Child Admission: $15.95, Adult Admission: $15.95 Open Hours: Hours vary according to day and month, call or check website

Amusements & Fun

6010 Midway Park Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Amusement Places Amusements & Fun is a great provider of family fun in New Mexico.


Welcome to iT'Z
Hungry for some good food and family fun? Head over to iT'Z where you can enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet and enjoy the latest arcade games and exciting amusement park rides! iT'Z the place to be for groups, corporate events and birthday parties.

Beach Waterpark

1600 Desert Surf Cir NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

Beach Waterpark is a one-stop provider of fun for the family in New Mexico. Visit us at our location in Albuquerque or call us at (505) 345-6066.

Coronado State Monument

How often have you seen a Native American kiva next to a 16th century Spanish colonial church, gained a glimpse of military fort life, or walked through an historic town little changed from the 1800s?

The six New Mexico State Monuments allow for exactly such unique experiences, and allow the visitor to discover the diverse history and prehistory of the state—all within a few hours drive by car.

Our State Monuments include: